Sunday, October 5, 2014

What's Happening during October 2014?

Oct 1 - Wednesday

10am          All Month long!  One entry per person October Candy Contest @ Woodruff Library

10am          All Month long!  Day of the Dead Altar exhibit @ Boiling Springs Library

10am          All Month long! Tween Candy Counting Contest (one entry per person)
                  @ Woodruff Library

12:15pm    Music Sandwiched In - N-Flyte performance @ Headquarters Library

1pm           Homeschool Program - Straw Rockets (k5-4th grade) @ Woodruff Library

Oct 2 - Thursday

3:30pm       Bottle Cap Pendant Craft for Teens @ Chesnee Library

4:30pm       Tween Movie:  Hocus Pocus @ Cyrill-Westside Library

7pm            Family Movie Night - "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" and
                   "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" both rated G @ Cyrill-Westside Library

Oct 3 - Friday

Oct 4 - Saturday

Oct 5 - Sunday

Oct 6 - Monday

Oct 7 - Tuesday

4:30pm       Teen Bingo @ Headquarters Library

7pm             Family Night Out @ Headquarters Library

Oct 8 - Wednesday

12pm          Homeschool Crafternoon for Homeschool families @ Boiling Springs Library

3:30pm       Tween Screen "Monster House" permission slip required @ Inman Library

Oct 9 - Thursday

3:30pm        Teen Screen "Hotel Transylvania" @ Inman Library

5pm              Tween Halloween Craft (advance sign up required) @ Cyrill-Westside Library

7pm              Roll-a-Pumpkin Board Game @ Cyrill-Westside Library

Oct 10 - Friday

Oct 11 - Saturday

9am-1pm     Second Saturday: Star Wars Reads @ Roper Mountain Science Center

3pm             Pacolet Book and Movie Swap @ Pacolet Library

Oct 12 - Sunday

Oct 13 - Monday

2:15pm         Tween Home School Art Lab @ Woodruff Library

6pm              Teen Book Club @ Cyrill-Westside Library

Oct 14 - Tuesday

3:30pm          Teen Manga and Anime Club @ Boiling Springs Library

4pm               The Pharaoh's Curse (Teen) @ Landrum Library

4:15pm          Digging for Dinosaurs (Tween) @ Woodruff Library

4:30pm          Brain Drain: Harry Potter (Teens) @ Headquarters Library

7pm               Family Night Out @ Headquarters Library

Oct 15 - Wednesday

10am            Homeschool Program:  Medieval Times (k5-6th grade) @ Headquarters Library

10am            School of Thought:  Teen Homeschoolers (7th-12th grade) @ Headquarters Library

12:15pm       Music Sandwiched In - Oompah Band @ Headquarters Library

3:45pm        Murder Mystery: The Disappearance of Angela Day (Teens) @ Cowpens Library

4pm             Afterschool Explorers (k5-3rd grade) @ Headquarters Library

4pm             Book and Cook (k5-4th grade) @ Boiling Springs Library

Oct 16 - Thursday

2pm              Homeschool Halloween Craft (k5-4th grade) @ Cyrill-Westside Library

3:30pm         Creepy Spider Fun and other Halloween Fun (Tweens) @ Landrum Library

4:30pm        Monster Mash @ Boiling Springs Library

5pm              Tween Book Club @ Cyrill-Westside Library

7pm               Recycled Monsters @ Cyrill-Westside Library

Oct 17 - Friday

2pm               Book Swap @ Headquarters Library

3:30pm          Tween Spooky Smackdown @ Boiling Springs Library

3:45pm          Candy Science for Tweens @ Cowpens Library

4:30pm          Snackdown for Teens (adv. registration required) @ Headquarters Library

Oct 18 - Saturday

Oct 19 - Sunday

Oct 20 - Monday

3pm               After School Fun for k5-4th grade @ Pacolet Library

6pm               Random Acts of Creepy Craftiness for Teens @ Cyrill-Westside Library

Oct 21 - Tuesday

4pm              Tween Movie:  Scooby Doo 2 @ Chesnee Library

4:15pm         Tween Action Pack Video Game Night @ Woodruff Library

7pm               Family Night Out @ Headquarters Library

Oct 22 - Wednesday

3:30pm         Tween Book Club "The Chronicles of Harris Burdick" @ Inman Library

4pm               Afterschool Explorers (k5-3rd grade) @ Headquarters Library

Oct 23 - Thursday

2pm               Homeschool Program @ Landrum Library

3:30pm          Teen Book Club "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children" @ Inman Library

5pm               Tween Halloween Bash @ Cyrill-Westside Library

7pm                Gather Round the Campfire @ Cyrill-Westside Library

Oct 24 - Friday

6pm               Project: Anime (Teens) @ Headquarters Library

Oct 25 - Saturday

3pm               Family Movie "Hotel Transylvania" @ Boiling Springs Library

Oct 26 - Sunday

Oct 27 - Monday

6pm             Revenge of the 80's for Teens @ Cyrill-Westside Library

Oct 28 - Tuesday

3:30pm         Halloween Party for Teens @ Boiling Springs Library

4pm              Teen Halloween Bash @ Landrum Library

6pm              Halloween Family Fun Night @ Landrum Library

7pm              Family Night Out @ Headquarters Library

Oct 29 - Wednesday

11:15am        Halloween Crafts for Kids @ Chesnee Library

12:15pm       Music Sandwiched In - Converse Choral @ Headquarters Library

3:45pm          Teen Halloween Party @ Cowpens Library

4pm              Afterschool Explorers (k5-3rd grade) @ Headquarters Library

Oct 30 - Thursday

3:30pm          Halloween Party for Teens @ Chesnee Library

4:30pm          Trick-or-Treat in the Springs @ Boiling Springs Library

Oct 31 - Friday